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Management Consultancy

At Erudite, we approach every client’s business as if it is our own. We believe a consulting firm should be more than an advisor.

Foreign Investment Facilitation

This is our specialized service for the management and address of requests submitted by foreign investors in relation to the establishment, operation..

Project Management

Most of the project in our country fails on the very first day of their inception. Why?

Sales, Advertising, Publication, and Event Management

Our vast experience in the service industry makes us unique in the way we conduct our sales, ads, ......

Strategy Formulation

Where will a car without a steering wheel end up? Crash! Is the answer. Our expertise will save your business from crashing cause a business without a stipulated strategy doesn’t know where it is going until it goes & bankrupt

Business Transformation

Anything with age passage needs service or requires renovation. Your business process is no different. Unless you have a mechanism continually improve your business processes, you will end up hurting your business.

Financial & Management Control

Have you been concerned lately about the way your organization’s financial matters are being handled?

Organizational Development

Erudite Africa investments see its human resource as capital. We believe the success of every organization lay in its skilled manpower. Employers’ mindset towards human resources is the determinant factor for business sustainability.


The entire marketing functions focus on building a brand. We are here to establish a brand for your business and/or robust your existing brand to the targeted audience.

Supply Chin Management

The most successful companies in the world have gotten their supply chain management policy right. What does this mean?

ERP Evaluation

We no longer consider digitalization as a luxury item in this fourth industrial revolution. A business that exploits the benefit of information communication technology, can stand out from its competitor in several ways.

Business Trainings

Learning & growth is a major KPI under human capital management for all types of industries. Trained manpower will not only bring efficiency and effectiveness to its day-to-day endeavors but ....

Research & Development

The research and development (R & D) service of EAI provides original investigation or applies research findings intended to provide a competitive advantage for the business or organization which has requested the services. Industrial R & D is specifically defined as the process of obtaining new knowledge that will eventually result in new or improved products, processes, systems, or services that will benefit the company's sales or growth.

Feasibility Studies

A thoroughly conducted feasibility study will render accurate inputs on whether to go ahead with a new business/ product/ project. This can help in saving a lot of time and financial resources.

Liaison Services

We at Erudite capitalize on several years of experience in relationship management to provide faultless Liaison services. We understand that every business is unique and therefore we spend extra effort in ensuring that you can run your business smoothly.

Merger & Acquisition

Whether pursuing scale, new technology, or entry into new markets, Erudite Africa Investments can assist you in achieving your strategic goals through mergers and acquisition services.

Interim Management

Erudite’s Interim Management service is the provision of senior executives to manage change or transition on a short-term basis.

Banking Advisory

Our company offers a range of advisory services tailored to both financial institutions and their clients/ potential clients.

Strategic Project Management

What you have in mind is completely new, innovative, and has never been in your business portfolio, then we consider this a strategic project management.

Operational Project Management

Do you have something in your current operation that needs improvement; does your business want to improve the quality of the product & service you are delivering? Do you have areas where cost is becoming a burden?

Compliance Project Management

The world we are living in is dynamic so does the rules & regulations stipulated by the governing bodies of each business.


Erudite Africa investments are beyond being a consultant for your asset & business, it can represent your business for any.......


You might have considered & set a budget to advertise your product or service offerings but........

Content Production

You might have considered placing something into a publication. That might be producing a magazine for your own business, or you need content to be published in one of the magazines or newspapers in town or internationally.

Event Organization

Every event we organize is an event that you will never forget. The event nature can be a recreational, business meeting, & training, our experts are there ......